Chloe, Brevard, North Carolina

I can’t think of anything better than being in Brevard, North Carolina, during the stunning beauty of changing seasons and fall foliage. That is, other than being with beautiful Chloe in Brevard, North Carolina, during this magnificent time.

Chloe is a gorgeous German Shepherd. She is such a smart girl and loves to have her photo taken. It was so pretty that autumn day and the leaves were turning into vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow. Chloe was a superstar…so distinguished, obedient and confident. Her coat was golden in the warm sunshine.

“The stately German Shepherd – Protective, bold and smart, looked into my eyes one day and quickly stole my heart.
Courageous and endearing, a favorite of its breed, so proud and yet so loving, a steadfast friend indeed.
Caring disposition, faithful to the core – If you have a Shepherd’s love, you cannot want for more.”
– Author Unknown

Photographer: A Moment in Time Photography